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Ultrasonic plastic welding machineApplicable to PE, PP, ABS material appliance industry and automobile industry, electronic industry, aviation, precision hardware, packaging industry, the toy industry, textile industry

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Ultrasonic metal welding machineApplicable to zion, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, nickel, molybdenum and other non-ferrous metal materials plate, fine bar, silk, and implementation of weld materials such as the thickness, 2-4mm


Plastic melt machine
Applicable to plastic column pressure and metal welding nut screw, more also one-time implanted pressure welding or riveted preparetions in electronic industry, wide application


Non-woven welding machine
Non-woven bag welding machine, environmental protection bags sealing side, ultrasonic pressing machine, spot welding, ultrasonic mask is used to lace machine, welding machine, non-woven filter bag of welding machine


Portable plastic spot welder
The small and lightweight portable welding technology is simple, various plastic welding, achieve beautiful chain effect, welding and welding 600W / 300W / 900W three models for your choice


Turn type plastic welding machine
For easy to melt, ultrasonic welding of PE, PP, nylon, PET, circular or tube workpiece, high-speed and pressurized movement, make fluctuation workpiece in a very short time to melt with the design

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Hot plate welding machine
Hot plate welding type of plastic, no special requirements for welding of large-scale and irregular and watertight, airtight, high-strength thermoplastics workpiece have very good effect


High frequency welding machine
Pure PVC or contain any PVC30 % above soft rubber and leather or fabric special purposes. Have even, slitting, suture, embossing, fuse, stamping, molding, spot welding process etc


Flat solar collectors welding machine
Applicable solar collector conduction of copper tube or single or multiple copper and roll forming and welding is one-time solar heating profession ideal purchasing equipment

The latest supply information For the latest information
【supply】4200W ultrasonic welding machine [buy]Ultrasonic wire welding machine
【supply】Hand-held welding machine [buy]Copper aluminum metal welding machine
【supply】Plastic welding machine [buy]Masks spot welder
【supply】3000W ultrasonic metal welding machine [buy]Filter bag production equipment
【supply】Pack melt machine [buy]Auto lamp welding machine
【supply】Flat solar collectors welding machine [buy]Ultrasonic transducer
【supply】Pneumatic high-frequency induction welding machine [buy]Hydraulic hot plate
【supply】Ultrasonic coil pipe [buy]Plastic thermal-pressing machine
【supply】Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment [buy]Metal welding equipment
【supply】Ultrasonic welding machine mould [buy]Ultrasound machines
The latest quotation information The latest popular demand
【quote】Automatic plastic welding machine 1 Hot plate welding equipment
【quote】Wire welding machine 2 20KHZ ultrasonic welding machine
【quote】Hot plate welding machine battery lid 3 Ultrasonic metal welding machine
【quote】Filter welding equipment 4 Ultrasonic rolling machine
【quote】Hot machine fixture 5 Portable welding machine
【quote】Plastic riveting machine 6 Filter bag of welding equipment
【quote】ultrasonic spot welding machine 7 Ultrasonic rolling machine
【quote】Plastic welding machine shell 8 Rotating welding machine
【quote】Smoke plate melt soldering machine 9 high frequency thermal bonding machine
【quote】Geogrid whole welding equipment 10 Non-woven bag welding machine









Plastic welding machine welding samples   PP plastic welding PE plastic welding PC plastic welding ABS plastic welding PVC plastic welding nylon PA welding PS plastic welding the acrylic plastic welding PMMA welding POM
5168cc 银河官网娱焊接
Small plastic ultrasonic welding style
塑料5168cc 银河官网娱成型图
Plastic enclosure ultrasonic welding
Ultrasonic welding electric case
High-power ultrasonic welding anti-dust mesh
Ultrasonic welding display surface
Ultrasonic welding plastic packing
Heat the gas pipeline welding machine
压力桶滤材5168cc 银河官网娱
Pressure filtration material barrels hot plate welding machine
Washing water flower round leaf disc type welding
汽车水箱水壶5168cc 银河官网娱
Auto radiator kettle hot plate welding machine
5168cc 银河官网娱-5168cc 银河官网娱焊接塑料胶件
Hot plate welding plastic rubber parts
油压专用式托盘5168cc 银河官网娱
Plastic tray welding
Plastic melt soldering machine riveting press column
Hot melt soldering machine type implanted hardware nut
Laptop panel multi-point screw implanted machine
More riveted molding diagram
Hot machine display cover special equipment
Car door plank melt riveting machine
Ultrasonic metal welding machine welding sample Aluminum + nickel welding 镍+铜箔焊接铝+铝箔焊接 多层铜箔焊接 多层铝箔焊接 多层铜网焊接 多层铝网焊接 铝盖板+铝条焊接 铝镍复合带与铝盖板焊接 编织线互焊
Copper sheet metal welding beam stack
Welding sheet to battery block
Woven wire welding wire and copper terminals
Air conditioning copper metal sealing figure
Capacitors with aluminium wire welding plate
Copper and copper welding


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