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Ultrasonic metal welding machine is ideal for the assembly of similar and dissimilar non-ferrous metals for electronic components and pipe sealing.

Parts to be joined are held together under pressure and ultrasonic vibrations of 20 to 40 kHz, depending upon application. One part is held by the ultrasonic horn and is vibrated onto the second part, which is held on an anvil. The vibration of the horn causes the parts to scrub together (in shear) that removes surface contaminants to expose bare metal areas. The materials’ atomic structures then co-mingle to create a strong, surface molecular, solid-state bond that is clean and has low electrical resistance.

No heat is applied in ultrasonic metal welding. This cold-process welding does not require connective bolts, nails, soldering materials or adhesives to bind the materials together. So it avoids problems common to traditional processes: messy solvents and adhesives or costly mechanical fasteners and consumables.

Ultrasonic welds are typically as strong or stronger than alternative processes. In many cases, ultrasonic welding is the only welding solution for a component because ultrasonic welding does not damage the metals involved and conductivity is retained.

The oxide skins of the metals are broken by applying intense friction to the weld and the two parts are then pressed together simultaneously. These processes bring the two materials into close contact for atomic bonding force. The relatively slight rise in temperature created by the friction is well below melting point and plays no essential part in the weld.

An ultrasonic metal welding system is composed of:

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Ultrasonic metal welding is the most technologically advanced method of bonding non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel, brass, gold and silver.
It has been demonstrated to eliminate most, if not all, of the problems existing in traditional bonding techniques involving the fusion of metal through the application of heat by flame, hot tools, electric current or electric arc in combination with cleaning and fluxing agents and sometimes filler metals.
Ultrasonic metal welding is rapidly becoming the process of choice by informed design and manufacturing engineers, because actual applications and operating cost comparisons well illustrate the degree of acceptance and the inherent advantages of ultrasonic metal welding for interconnection applications.


pioneers many of the newest applications for which ultrasonic metal welding is used. Our extensive experience, fully equipped laboratory, and our dedication to success all come together to help our customers succeed with their welding requirements.

Ultrasonic energy can be used to weld electrical grade, non-ferrous metals. There are several advantages that ultrasonic metal welding has over other joining methods, including superior electrical qualities and low-temperature rise during the weld process, which in most cases does not change the parent material properties.

Ultrasonic metal welding equipment has been embraced as the standard for many manufacturing processes, including, battery manufacturing, automotive and appliance wire harness splicing, copper and aluminum metal tube manufacture and sealing, and the manufacture of heat transfer devices such as solar panels, automotive and electrical heat sinks.


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The workpieces are placed between a fixed machine part, i.e. the anvil, and the sonotrode, which oscillates horizontally during the welding process at high frequency (usually 20 or 35 or 40 kHz) (figure 6).

The most commonly used frequency of oscillation (working frequency) is 20 kHz. This frequency is above that audible to the human ear and also permits the best possible use of energy. For welding processes which require only a small amount of energy, a working frequency of 35 or 40 kHz may be used.

Ultrasonic metal welding is our business. The Sonic Weld & Sonic Splice ultrasonic metal welder is designed, and manufactured in China. Our systems come standard with all the basic features required for most application, without all the "bells and whistles".?

Features and Benefits for Ultrasonic Metal Welding
.Ultrasonic Metal Welding is the ideal process for bonding conductive non-ferrous materials such as copper, aluminum, nickel, brass, gold and silver, similar or dissimilar.
.Excellent welds are achieved even if welding materials are dissimilar in thickness and composition.
.It features fast cycle time, as a typical weld takes only seconds or fractions of a second.
.It is an environmentally friendly process as no solders, flux or braze material are required; no heat is applied, and no consumables are needed; no sparks, fumes or arcs are generated during the welding process.
.Very little energy is expended for a weld. It requires much less energy than that of traditional technologies like resistance welding, and eliminates the need for consumables such as solder, flux, crimp connectors and braze materials.
.It is a cold, friction welding technique without melting the parts and no harmful intermetallics are formed, while a true metallurgical bond is created.
.The ultrasonic weld is extremely reliable, resulting in the highest electrical conductivity.
.Weld tooling typically lasts for several hundred-thousand cycles without need for maintenance.
Ultrasonic Assembly Systems
Ultrasonic assembly systems are generally composed of the following major elements: a power supply, converter, booster, horn, pneumatic press and holding fixture, as detailed in the figure below.

We have an economical solution for your ultrasonic metal welding requirements and, well work with you to ensure your success.?

Our worldwide customer base continues to grow. Weve helped companies in the automotive, battery, appliance, audio, solar panel, heat sink, military and commercial electronic industries succeed with ultrasonic metal welding by splicing and terminating wires, sealing copper tubes, seam welding copper and aluminum, hermetically welding foils, and a host of other applications. In fact, we currently have US and International patents pending for for our work in the battery industry!

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